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The Peštersko polje special nature reserve received this status in 2016 and covers 3,118 hectares. Here, under specific conditions, a unique complex of habitats was formed with a high diversity of accompanying flora and fauna. It is about 45 kilometers from the town and the highest peak is Troyan (1,430 meters). Due to the specific relief and climate, Peštersko polje is also called "Serbian Tibet" in summer and "Serbian Siberia" in winter.

The Pešter plateau is the largest in the Balkans and one of the largest in Europe, with an altitude of about 1,150 meters. Almost minus 39 degrees was measured here in the fifties of the 20th century, which is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Serbia. The average annual temperature is six degrees, while snow remains 60 days a year.

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Cave adventurer

As part of this tour, you will visit: the cave huts in the villages of Tuzinje, Rasna, Kamešnica, the Gutavica nature reserve in the village of Ugao, the Pešter Lake, which is located near the village of Karajukiće Bunare. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to get to know the greater part of the Pešter Plateau, the way of life of the Pešter locals. Then there is a visit and tour of the Peštersko polje special nature reserve. On request  organizing a walking tour and conquering the top of Troyan. The walking tour includes walking from the local road to the ascent of Mount Troyan (After a short break, the road awaits us, where we descend to the source of the Đurđevica River. Here we will have a short rest break and a facultative organized lunch.

Pešter Lake and Boroštica River

Pešter Lake and Boroštica River

At the very beginning of the reserve in the place of Karajukića Bunari (where a short break is made after arrival), where the lowest temperature was measured, there is Pešter Lake, which is a real oasis for birds and thus provides real pleasure to visitors. The lake is joined by the river Boroštica, which is rich not only in fish, but also in ten species of freshwater shells, which we organize recreational hunting for.

Exaltation of Troy

After viewing the lake, we will go via Tuzinje and Krnje jele to Troyan. Wherever you look within the Special Nature Reserve "Peštersko polje", you will see the imposing peak that adorns this landscape. It is about the Trojan hill (1,430 m above sea level), which bears this name because of one of the wealthy Trojan leaders.

A walking tour begins at the top of Troyan, and then, while you admire the clouds that seem to fall from the sky on the surrounding hills and seem to be at your fingertips, we will tell you the story of Troyan.

During its geological past, the Pešter Plateau was a large lake, of which only a small lake remains today. However, those who happen to be here in May, at early dawn, will witness a mixture of various chirping of flocks of birds, which awaken the surrounding sleeping landscape. Around the same time of the year, the edges of the lake are also adorned with protected species of orchids.

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